5 Things Women Love to See A Man Wearing


I went straight to the source. I surveyed over 50 women and asked one question. What do you love to see a man wearing out on a date or socially? Here are the top 5.

There must be some truth to the popular song lyric “Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man” By now, it may seem cliché, but a majority of the women I polled LOVED a man in a well fitted suit or sport coat!


Dress boots
Motorcycle boots
Perforated Wingtips/Captoe lace-ups for your Hipster vibe
Stylish Loafers
Fresh sneakers
Major Key: Polish your shoes, use shoe trees and make sure that your foundational pieces are always in tip



Dark jeans, vintage wash, distressed or jeans with a sports coat. These denim choices are almost foolproof. Assess your denim inventory and replace all ill-fitting and out of style jeans. Note: If you cut grass in them don’t wear them out socially.

WARNING: This is tricky guys. There are only 2 levels in wearing hats. You Nailed It or Complete Dork. How can you tell? Sometimes you can’t read body language or facial expressions so here are few comments to listen for. When you look great it sounds like “I love your hat! You’re a hat guy! When you look ridiculous you will get more questions than comments. “When did you start wearing hats?” When did you buy that? Was that on sale?


Level up
The responses consisted mostly started out like …There is nothing like a man in a cashmere scarf or coat” Guys, I don’t know if it’s the juxtaposition of a strong man in soft supple fabric that feels good to the hand. Cashmere exudes and communicates a level of success and understanding of the finer things in life.



99% of the women stated that what they looked for more than anything was CONFIDENCE and AUTHENTICITY. Not arrogant or braggadocios but a man that is comfortable being himself. The truth is, a confident man transcends clothing choices or fashion trends.