Asking Women Out


Do you have problems asking a woman out?

Do you get tongue tied when talking to you a woman you are interested in? Do you not take the chance to speak with the woman of your dreams, because you don’t know what to say.

It is almost Christmas, and a new year. Take the chance to speak to the woman you are interested in. Go up to her, say hello, and make small talk about the weather, or something going on around you. Compliment her on her outfit. Anything to start the conversation. Just don’t use one of those dreadful, corny pick-up lines. They are not genuine, and make you look like a player.

Once you have engaged in a conversation, ask for her number. You don’t get anything unless you go after it. Not every woman is going to be available, not everyone is going to say yes, but if you don’t ask you will never know. Make 2017, the year you get the woman of your dreams.

5 ways to never start a conversation with a woman

A pick up line

Making sexual explicit comments

Using foul language

Saying something negative about her appearance

Using an offensive statement of any kind