Eddie Tarazona of Tarazona Cigars



Eddie Tarazona

Have you ever met that guy that never seems to slow down? Always has something going on, has the biggest heart and is not ALL business but takes care of business like no other? Well in the cigar industry that is Eddie Tarazona of Tarazona Cigars who between all the hustlin, making sales and engaging with friends and family creates some of the tastiest premium, long-leaf, hand-rolled cigars bar none. The lineup is as follows: the Classic, the XTC, the 305 and the Guerrilla 305 all of which are incredible and stand tall in their own right so you can easily find something to match your palette.
The XTC (pronounced X-T-C) first caught my attention a few years ago when I met Eddie for the first time at the Western Pennsylvania Cigar Crawl in Pittsburgh. As a fan of the XTC I asked him how is that you get just a wisp of something that reminds me of mint and spice at the same time and yet I get no burn on the finish on any draw. He said I needed to smoke a few more and perhaps in a few years he would share his secrets. It’s been a few and he hasn’t and I don’t mind.

So what is on the inside? The wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun-Grown Corojo, Binder: Nicaragua, Filler: Nicaragua and with three sizes Robusto, Churchill, Torpedo you cannot go wrong. I prefer the Churchill as it allows to me to smoke for just over an hour and contemplate how Eddie manages to get so much balance and complexity into one stick. There is simultaneously a woody, spice, peppermint note and mellowness to every puff with a creamy-ness on the exhale. Construction and burn have always been spot on for me with no uneven tunneling or wrapper explosions which is why I love boutique cigar makers that just do it all right. This is hidden gem of sorts, not to me of course, but if you are searching your tobacco shop for treasurer the XTC is a great bounty and ecstasy to me.



Available online and at tobacconist shops around Louisville. If the shop does not have them in stock ask the tobacconist to order them because we have some of the BEST Tobacconist located right here in the Ville.