Akasha Red Rabbit


The name Red Rabbit might sound like a bad Jefferson Airplane outtake, but this is a beer you need to try while it lasts at Akasha Brewing Company over at 909 E. Market. It’s a very hoppy red IPA that’s been wild-fermented, giving it an unusual flavor profile.

Define “unusual” you say? OK, I’ll try. Because there is such a balancing malt backbone – much needed, given the hops in this big beer – there is an up-front sweetness to the beer. But that quickly fades with the presence of a tartness that results from the wild yeast. And because this deep red ale checks in at 89 IBUs, both of those flavors dovetail into a dry, almost chalky bitterness – to the point that it really drinks like an imperial red.

It’s a fairly strong beer at 7.77 percent alcohol by volume (lots of lucky 7s there), but it’s thoroughly enjoyable, and a perfect one to sip on a chilly December day at the brewery’s serene taproom. Not sure how long this one will last, so get there soon before it runs out. Heck, I may just drink it all myself.