Noosh Nosh


Noosh Nosh
4816 Brownsboro Road
Louisville, KY 40207


Calling Louisville Chef Anoosh Shariat a veteran of the Louisville restaurant scene is completely accurate and yet I tend to think of him more as a Field Marshal; senior to other chefs in the Ville and always engaged with his staff, customers and vendors. He simply works too much and I am grateful for all his efforts. Noosh Nosh is his second restaurant (Anoosh Bistro is the other and a bit more formal) wherein you can just mosey up to the bar, sit at a table or even enjoy the patio experience (weather permitting) in the most casual and comfortable setting and choose from an array of small plates, pizzas or in my case soup! The whole idea here is to Nosh or “eat food enthusiastically” and I do!


Creamy Mushroom Soup or as I call it Mushroom Heaven. It is just warm, earthen and with all the right textures. Truffle Crème Fraiche, Chive, Parmigiano-Reggiano and the exact proportions of truffles, truffle oil and such I will never be privy to are combined and presented to you in a bowl that in my opinion can never be large enough. The soup is piping hot when presented and it is the simplest thing with the richest flavor. Mushrooms in Crème form with just a bit of cheese to bring out the higher earthen notes just hits the spot. Those TV Chef shows always say soups are the hardest things to make in a short period of time as too much or not enough of any one thing can break a soup. Well break out $7.00 USD and enjoy the BEST mushroom soup you can nosh on or do as I did and SLURP it right up. Check their hours on the web, Facebook or Instagram.