AVI-8, Aviation-Themed Watches!


Guy’s…Here’s a little bit of great history behind thee great watches, all moderately priced under $500.00

The Hurricane, produce by Hawker Aircraft Ltd for the Royal Air Force was a single seater fighter aircraft that featured in the air battles of World War 2.


Sometimes overshadowed by the Spitfire, it was nonetheless the Hawker Hurricane which could truly claim to be the most acclaimed, most successful, most reliable aircraft to deliver Allied Victory in the air during WW2.

The unsung hero of the Battle of Britain – that most crucial of air victories for the Allies, the Hawker Hurricane delivered more enemy kills than any other aircraft combined

Flying one of these babies required mettle, skill and a whole bunch of doodads — an exceptional wristwatch chief among them.

Paying tribute to those days in rugged fashion: AVI-8, an aviation-themed watch company that makes timepieces based on iconic planes, primarily from WWII. Their newest watch commemorates a battle that shaped modern democracy.


AVI-8’s new Hawker Hurricane Battle of Britain timepiece serves as an homage to the seminal 1940 battle between the British RAF and the German Luftwaffe. It was the first major war campaign to be fought entirely by air force.


Each Britain watch comes with two straps (leather NATO and nylon), a field box, a strap-changing tool and individual cards describing both the plane and the battle itself. Only 1,963 pieces were made, commemorating the 1,963 aircraft involved in the battle.

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