Knob Creek Gun Range


“A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined…” – George Washington


In today’s world guns are everywhere. They’re used for protection, hunting, and even as pawns in politicians’ political agendas. Personally, I don’t own a gun but I grew up around them. My dad hunts and has owned numerous firearms. Most of my friends also, including a buddy who has an unbelievable collection of assault rifles. Every gun owner I know is responsible and disciplined when it comes to their collections, which has made me curious about the ins and outs of gun ownership.


To find out more, I visited Knob Creek Gun Range, located at 690 Ritchey Lane on Louisville’s South-west side in West Point. Kenny, the owner, was super helpful and knows everything about firearms. I asked him what advice he had for a first-time gun owner. First, he says to determine what you’ll be using the gun for, and that will help figure out which type of firearm you’ll need. Kenny recommends a revolver for a first timer specifically for ease of use. The price of your new gun will be anywhere between $300-$1000. If it’s for protection, the next step will be to get your conceal and carry license. This involves taking a class and going to the sheriff’s office to make it official. All in all, the cost for the license will be about $140. Kenny says whatever type of gun you get, it’s really important to take it to the range and practice until your comfortable using it.


The most important thing with owning a gun is safety. Kenny has some simple advice. DO NOT put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot! After all, the point of a gun is to destroy bad guys, not your big toe.