Angels Envy Grand Opening


Angels Envy hosted the grand opening of their $27 million dollar distillery Wednesday, November 16th at the corner of Main and Jackson across from Slugger Field. The event included dignitaries from around the city and country, a presentation and proclamation from both the governor and mayor and the unveiling of a magnificent 40 foot tall copper still made by Louisville’s Vendome Copper and Brass Works, displayed behind glass like the work of art and craftsmanship it is.

Ken Lewis, Steve Tartaglia & Jay Erisman
upper deck of the fermentors
Wes and Kyle Henderson welcome the guests
Vince & Stephanie Rosenblatt with Pamela Mourer and Patrick D. McLain
Company officials made sure everything was perfect
The 5 fermentors
Kevin Curtis, Distillery Operations Manager, polishes the copper still.
The 40 foot tall copper still
Roll-out of the first barrels of Angel's Envy
Claudette Halluk, Lisanne Dorion and Chio Zubiria
Rick Pitino signs the "guest barrell"
 Bruce Corser and Kay Koyama-Gore with contagious - the interior designers.
The tasting table