So, we get it that you like smokin them cigars…well, what happens when you’re on vacation and you reach in your travel suitcase and your favorite cigar is crushed! Fear not, check out these three travel cigar caddies designed to take you and your buddies anywhere…on vacation, camping or hunting…all by First Class Humidors.

The RUGGED Cigar Caddy humidor (pictured above) has taken its standard look and freshened it up with this unique exterior coated in a Blaze Orange rubber skin. The outside of this Cigar Caddy is designed for punishment and is crush resistant as well as water resistant. After a long day at work or play, lounging back with your favorite stogie is a great way to “let go”. Maintain up to 5 of your favorite cigars in this snap tight sealed humidor. The case is designed to float on water to accommodate the “adventurous” cigar smoker. The Cigar Caddy includes a handle for convenience and a humidifier. Pick up one of these and give it a try – you won’t be sorry!


This camo motif Cigar Caddy humidor has been a hit since its release. The camouflage exterior is made for abuse and is constructed of crush resistant ABS plastic and is made to get wet. Resistant to water, this cigar case stands up to some serious abuse keeping your cigars safe and moist while on the go! Features a snap tight lid and stows up to 15 sticks. The Caddy is light enough to take along anywhere and includes a carrying handle for easy transport. An awesome humidor for the travel enthusiast that loves a good smoke.


The ULTIMATE travel humidor! Many of us love a good cigar while on the course, while camping, fishing or traveling. Regardless of where your lifestyle brings you, protecting & maintaining your cigars is always important. The amazingly RUGGED design of the Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor allows you to take your cigars anywhere! This black travel humidor features an ABS impact resistant hard resin plastic exterior and is Water-Resistant, Crush-Resistant and can float on water! Safely seals & stores up to 40 cigars on protective foam bed linings. This humidor comes equipped with a humidifier and easy carry handle. Just lie your cigars on the foam bed and close the lid. Snap tight clips help the Cigar Caddy humidor creates an air tight seal that always keep your cigars moist & fresh. An amazingly versatile travel humidor for everyone at an unbeatable price.