Gabbro Bedrock Sandals


Backpackers know that when it comes to what you take out on the trail, less is always more. In fact, less is a necessity. That philosophy was taken to the next level when a couple of geologists designed the Gabbro Bedrock Sandal with the avid adventurer in mind. Simple yet sufficient for bagging peaks, approaching the crag, kayaking, canoeing, or hanging out around the campfire with some brews. This lightweight footwear alternative to the typical hiking boot weighs in at a minuscule 4.3 ounces per sandal. Flexible and durable, these puppies were built to last. Having clocked hundreds of miles and tens of thousands of feet in elevation gain and loss in every imaginable terrain, the Gabbro Sandals have proven their weight in gold and have become my go to hiking shoe for every occasion. My Bedrocks have taken me across the desert sky island terrains of Arizona, over sheets of ice in the Great Smoky Mountains, and fording the creeks and rivers of Kentucky’s mountain trails and rugged backcountry. These sandals outperformed and outlasted all of my expensive hiking boots and trail running shoes without causing blisters. Best of all, no break-in period is required other than a brief adjustment period for your feet if you aren’t already hiking in sandals. Your feet will get wet in watery conditions but will dry in minutes. Every hiker knows that your feet are your most important tool in your arsenal. They deserve these sandals!