Sawyer Water Filter


Simple design meets unparalleled function in the Sawyer Squeeze, an ultra-light, compact, easy to use, fast and affordable personal water filter supplying critical off-the-grid hydration . After using this filter for thousands of miles along the Appalachian Trail and other trails across the United States, I can’t imagine treating my water with any other product. The Sawyer Squeeze is available in two sizes. The Sawyer Mini weighs in at 2 ounces and the larger size weighs in at 3.5 ounces. You can attach the squeeze pouch that comes with the Sawyer system or you can attach the filter directly to a small mouth water bottle or a water bladder. You can even filter directly from the water source with a straw attachment. A favorite among thru-hikers and section hikers as a light weight and versatile solution, you can manually filter water by squeezing the water through the filter or by using a gravity system. The larger size allows you to filter a liter of water in under a minute. The smaller filter has a slightly slower flow rate. The Sawyer Squeeze will be the last water filter you ever need for your thirst inducing backcountry adventures!