Guinness Antwerpen Stout


So, Guinness Extra Stout is one of those beers that anyone interested in trying new beer will inevitably come across – has been for years because it’s an international staple. And in recent years, Guinness has been releasing new styles of beer in America to expand its market share, much like Sierra Nevada has (masterfully done) while also maintaining its core flagship as the forebear.

But for a limited time (as in, through Christmas-ish), you can grab a “new” version of Guinness that actually has roots from some 70 years ago. Guinness Antwerpen Stout is not the drinkable, lovable Guinness you know, although it’s damn lovable in its own way. The back story is that it was first brewed in the 1940s in Antwerp, Belgium, and has become a staple in that city. It has been exported to many countries as Guinness Special Export, although it hasn’t been readily available in the U.S. – until now. This thick, black, creamy beer is all sorts of complex, with smokiness, big hints of dark chocolate, roast, and even some black currant. It’s 8 percent alcohol by volume, though, so do be careful with this guy – as in, plan to have one, maybe two, and simply sit back and enjoy the many flavorful notes therein. Heck, it’s worth your time just to sit and sniff it.