8613 Cigar Review


I have known Fred Rewey of Nomad Cigar Co. for several years now, since joining the cigar industry in my own small way making a cigar accessory – the custom crafted cedar spill, and he has finally created a cigar with a name I will never forget (and can pronounce) and a flavor that is just well spectacular. As you might guess from the name, this cigar out of (Estelí) Nicaragua made at Tabacalera Fernandez the farm and factory of A.J. Fernandez and incorporates an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper over an all-Nicaraguan blend. Fred was also the first cigar maker to incorporate a Twitter handle right on the cigar band @Godfadr – the man understands marketing but he KNOWS cigars.


To my palette this is a medium in body cigar with something more than just in the middle and it must be the Ometepe tobacco. It simply has richness and depth that from foot to finish never disappears and yet never overwhelms you either is just lingers and brings other notes to the forefront on inhale and retro hale. Perhaps Fred said it best, ““It is also the second time I have worked Ometepe tobacco into a cigar – in this case for a different purpose. I actually started working with Ometepe when blending the C-276 in 2013. The Ometepe was a key ingredient to adding yet another layer of flavor and level of strength in what became a very complex cigar. With the Estelí Lot 8613 the Ometepe took a different route – playing more to the rustic sweetness the tobacco offers.”

I can tell you the blend is: Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano, Binder: Nicaraguan, Filler: Nicaraguan is in regular production and offered in five sizes: Robusto, Coronita, Toro, Grand Toro and Churchill in 21 count boxes. Construction, burn, draw, flavor throughout, strength and body are all consistent and solid with light cedar and white pepper notes coming to the forefront along with richness I mentioned earlier just lingering all about your mouth and lips. Price: $7.90 USD.

So why can I remember the 8613? Well, I graduated high school in 1986 and the greatest quarterback in the NFL (IMHO) is #13 Dan Marino so this is a no brainer for someone like me who cannot pronounce fancy cigar words like “Fuerte” which is Spanish for “Strong” but when I say it, incorrectly, people that actually speak Spanish just ask me to stop talking.
Available online and at tobacconist shops around Louisville. If the shop does not have them in stock ask them to order them they can because we have some of the BEST Tobacconist located right here in the Ville.