Island Jim Cigar Review


I do not have too many what one might call “go to” cigars, the kind you light without hesitation or worry that if I smoke it now will I be able to find anymore; with this stick I simply do not care it is that good.

The Island Jim #2 cigar by Oscar Valladares is one that will make you look twice at before you smoke it for the first time but after that initial light you will be back for may more. Created for Jim Robinson, of Leaf and Bean in the Strip (located in the Strip district of Pittsburgh, PA – put this shop on your bucket list NOW!), this cigar is the embodiment of Jim, his tobacco shop and his attitude toward life – IT’S ALL GOOD! Oscar and Jim have a partnership around developing this cigar and having a factory, Oscar Valladares Tobacco is located in Danli, Honduras, is a good start. Oscar has many years in the tobacco industry and in addition to developing his own factory lineup has previously assisted other brands develop and perfect their smokes too.

The Island Jim #2 is a 6 1/2 x 52 vitola torpedo rolled to look like a No.2 pencil. An oscuro wrapped torpedo tip and a strip of Connecticut wrapper just past that makes this beauty well… beautiful to look at and wonderful to smoke. The exact blend and finer details are a secret. I know both Jim and Oscar and have tried on numerous occasions to ply the blend out of them with rum and high praise to no avail; next time more rum perhaps. But this cigar is also a “two-fer” depending on how you cut the tip, using a punch is not an option on this one.

Cut just the oscuro “pencil point” off and you get light bittersweet notes from the Connecticut strip.
Cut on the “pencil point” down to the dark wrapper (removing the Connecticut strip) you get deep, rich cocoa and coffee notes and something perhaps bitter or peppery for good complexity on the finish.


It may be referred to as The Island Jim #2 however this is a damn near perfect #1 morning smoke, and I am a guy who rarely smoke before noon. However a little Cuban coffee and one of these shaggy foot hand rolled beauties and today is a good day. Price: $10.00 USD.

Available online and at tobacconist shops around Louisville. If the shop does not have them in stock ask them to order them they can because we have some of the BEST Tobacconist located right here in the Ville.