Pocket Knives -Cutting Through the BS


When I was a kid growing up on Long Island right outside of New York City, my mother’s brother used to visit the family all the time.

He was a master craftsman who designed and built his own furniture and stereo Hi-Fi speakers .He was also a great photographer but that’s another story.

One thing I always remembered about him was that he always,always, had a small handy penknife available in his pocket whenever It was needed.

If strings had to be cut on a box…no problem pull out the pen knife…If wire’s at the back of a stereo had to be trimmed, no problem pull out the pen knife.

If you needed to cut a piece of cheese or a slice of an apple real fast… No problem use the pen knife!

What would we do without a penknife ?Well, we’d have to go into the garage and ferret out a razor or into the kitchen junk drawer and find something or use a great steak knife…plus, they are cool…check out the handcrafted ones here and cut through some of life’s b.s.




A handsome and useful knife for your next trip. The 440 stainless steel blade has a rich satin finish and is flat ground for excellent cutting performance. The blade locks open with the sturdy liner lock. The grain of the wooden handle adds a rustic touch. Pocket clip and lanyard hole for easy carry.



a traditional working knife that wouldn’t scare most people if laid on a table or handed to a person in need. Snapped open, it shows its teeth to have some seriously sharp and sturdy capability. Oh yes!



The Buck 110 Hunter is one of the most iconic knives ever made, having sold millions over the past five decades. It constantly makes the list of best knives and has found its way into the pockets of millions of Americans.

So how could anyone or anything ever live up to the lofty expectations of this knife? The Buck 112 Ranger has proven it’s more than possible.

The Buck 112 Ranger may be considered the little brother of the Buck 110 Hunter, but it shows why bigger isn’t always better.

The 112 is a scaled down version of the 110 with an overall length of 7.25 inches, as opposed to the massive 8.62-inch 110.