The Joy Luck – Asian Fusion


The Joy Luck – Asian Fusion
9850 Von Allmen Court, Suite 101
Louisville, KY 40241

The Joy of Pork Buns can be found here in the Ville and it’s an easy bite in either Joy Luck location. Owner Alvin Lin started the first location in 2014; printed 2013 on the menu’s as the number 4 is bad luck in some Asian cultures, and now in 2016 has a second restaurant going strong. It is typically the same menu at both spots and if you want some comfort food that is simply the BEST order the PORK BUNS. See what happens when Taiwanese fare, rooted in Chinese cuisine and influenced by Japanese cuisine is prepared, steamed and put before you. They just disappear.


For $8.00 you get 3 pork buns about the size of a plum wherein soft dough is wrapped around ground pork, spices with a touch of perhaps soy sauce or oyster sauce too; I really have no idea what is in them and I did not ask I just ate them all, ask for some sweet Chilli Sauce too. I believe pork buns are a type of Dim Sum (a style of Chinese cuisine prepared as small bite-sized portions of food) and these are just the best around so much so that I order another since they require such a small sum of money at Joy Luck.