Is Your Life a Country Song?


Does your ex wife, and ex-girlfriend hate you? Do the only females that enjoy, I mean tolerate, your company have the title of mom, sister, daughter, dog and the whore down the street?  If you answered yes to these question, your life closely resembles a popular country music song.

If you are proud of this fact, this article is probably not for you.  If this depresses you, and makes you want to change keep reading.

Most people want to blame their relationship problems on the other person. The cold hard truth is it takes two to tango.  If you have a string of relationships that ended with that person loathing the ground you walk on, or Carrie Underwood taking a Louisville Slugger to your taillight, then you need to take a hard look in the mirror.

A person’s words and actions have consequences, and some things you can’t take back with the words I’m sorry. The only way to stop future relationships from ending the same way, is for you to admit that you are part of the problem, and change your behavior.

Take a step back and think about how your words and actions contributed to the break down of the relationship. Think about how you could have reacted differently. Do you have a tendency to react first with anger and hateful words, that you regret later, and can’t take back? When you are upset about something in your life, is your first reaction to blame someone else, instead of taking responsibility for your own actions and circumstances?

Look at how you react to people in your life, think about how you could have handled a situation differently, and make a conscious effort to change your behavior.    It will help you more than just with your love life, and you will be a happier person over all.