No Cover Walk


Each year in early September, often coinciding with the Highlands Festival, a group of determined travelers take to the streets of Bardstown Road for what has become known as the No Cover Walk. Dozens begin their quest at the Outlook Inn on Baxter Avenue, donning matching t-shirts bearing the slogan “Getting Drunky in Kentucky,” and set out to complete the journey of stopping at each (non-chain) bar along the way that does not charge a fee for entry, and have one beer or some other alcoholic drink.

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After 10 minutes at each stop (sometimes it stretches to 15), it’s onto the next, from Flanagan’s Ale House to Molly Malone’s, to Baxter 842 to O’Shea’s Irish Pub to Wick’s Pizza to … well, you get the picture. You prefer beer? That’s your call. A vodka and cranberry, you say? Eh, if you insist. But beware doing shots too early in the journey, for that could seriously impair your judgment. Payment for this is one’s own personal hell the next day.fb_img_1473557473063

fb_img_1473557587596The whole thing finally comes to an end all the way down the road at Bearno’s Pizza, nearly a mile’s journey away on foot. This year, I once again peeled off before the walk was over, with only a couple of light beers and a Lagunitas IPA to my credit. But co-organizer Sara Havens completed the trek, which this year was themed “Keeping Louisville Lit Since 2004,” yet again in 2016.

0910161926a“I feel like sickle cell anemia,” she told me in a text the next morning.

She’s quite a trooper. And you can bet she and her tribe will no doubt take to the streets again next fall. Why? Because, apparently, some people never learn.