Kayak it!


If you’re looking to shake things up this summer look no further than Cabela’s. If you want to get outside and experience Louisville’s wetter areas than kayaking is right up your ally. With great places like Floyds Fork to take a relaxing day off and enjoy the beautiful weather, there isn’t an excuse for staying indoors.


Cabela’s offers a wide range of Kayaks for varying purposes. If you’re looking for a calm, gentle ride down a river than there is the Spitfire 8 or the Wave are both cost efficient, staring at $129, and easily portable. kayak1 For the fishing advocate the Old Town has both a storage compartment for fish, a picnic, or whatever you may need, and a height adjustable seat that can accommodate any adventurer.

kayak 5Lastly if rough rapids, and long days sound fun to you than Cabela’s has the Ocean Kayak. This specific model is stuffed to the hilt with two storage units, comfort padding, fishing rod holders and a foot brace system, the Oceans Kayak is perfect for anyone looking to get a little extra bang for their buck.



kayak3Along with a wide range of kayaks, Cabela’s carries sport-style sunglasses and hats to keep you cool during your outings. Cabela’s is sure to carry a kayak suited to anyone