Rowland Jones, Sculptor


Image 8-8-16 at 11.07 AMOne of the definitions of the word “muse” is that it is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. Sources of inspiration with music, art, cooking and a host of other areas come from a wide and varied horizon.

Rowland Jones is one of Louisville’s premier bronze sculpture artists. His initial source of inspiration didn’t come from France, Italy or Europe. It came from the African plains of Kenya.

On a trip to Kenya in his twenties, Jones decided he wanted to do something in life that he felt passionate about other than insurance or real estate. He became aware and ultimately involved in saving black rhinos from poachers in Kenya.

Rowland M. Jones with his bronze sculpture commissioned by Makers Mark Distillery 2015

Rowland M. Jones with his bronze sculpture commissioned by Makers Mark Distillery 2015

He worked with the Kenyan government “darting” and relocating six black rhinoceros in a translocation program in the early ‘1980’s. Upon returning from his trip, he sculpted a black rhino in its narcotic prance after being darted, and had it bronzed. He sold one bronze and kept the other.

Fast forward 30 years later after multiple careers in insurance and real estate, the passion never subsided! With added encouragement from his partner, Kasey Maier, Founder of Kentucky School of Art and driving force behind the Waterfront Botanical Gardens, Rowland rekindled his passion for sculpting in 2010.

Attending The Louisville School of Art in the early 1980’s, and conferring with his mother, who was a Barney Bright trained sculptor as well, Rowland was able to learn valuable techniques about sculpting and foundry work.

“Sculpting in bronze is an expensive art form but one that will last for six thousand years” says Rowland. Sculpting with a wax-based clay he makes a rubber mold of the subject matter…that mold is pulled apart and then filled with wax…pulling out that wax and then making another mold from the wax, the bronze is poured in on top of the wax to create a bronze.

Rowland’s subject matter has expanded from animals to figurative art and angels. He has created several pieces for private donors as well as two pieces for Maker’s Mark, including a trophy for the Maker’s 46 race at Keeneland.

701953_555322134494735_873725376_oHe is presently working on a commissioned piece for a private collector that depicts ballet figures.

You can catch some of his incredible pieces at