The Cusano Cuban


I remember when I discovered Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck. I remember that I could not believe it was a 3 dollar bottle of wine. Ten years later, Two Buck Chuck still holds a proud place in my wine rack along with much more expensive Cabs, Merlots, and Burgundy’s.

Cusano-15th-Anniversary-Lancero-4I have at last now found the Two Buck Chuck of cigars. I was sitting on my brothers deck and he offered me a CC, otherwise known as a Cusano Cuban. He handed me a Corona and went on to tell me about this incredible cigar that he buys in bundles for about $2.50 a stick.

My defenses suddenly went up when I heard $2.50 a cigar, as I had flashbacks to all of the really good budget cigars I had smoked. NOT. But as a good brother and guest, I lit my Cusano and quietly prepared for another disappointment. However, there was no disappointment this time! After years of futile attempts to find a great inexpensive cigar, here it was.
I immediately found the CC to have a very easy draw and to quickly deliver a mild leathery taste. It became more flavorful with a slightly more spicy full-bodied taste as I smoked the Corona. It was very surprising to see how the cigar had a beautiful, even burn throughout. As I ended the smoke, I was not left with any bitter aftertaste, like most of the inexpensive cigars I had smoked before.cigar burn 1

While it is promoted as a full body cigar, I found it on the slightly milder side.  In other words, if you like a bolder, stronger smoke, you will be disappointed. And from an appearance standpoint, this is a  very handsome “Cuban Style” Dominican hand-rolled cigar that is well constructed using a sun grown Ecuadorian wrapper.
I smoke the Robusto although I still keep a couple of Coronas and Churchills in the humidor. But whether smoking socially with friends or grabbing a peaceful smoke on the deck by yourself, this Two Buck CC will not disappoint.

The Cusano Cuban can be found at Cox’s Smoker Outlet in Middletown for $2.50 – $2.75 a cigar.