Hinterland Brewery


Everyone’s heard the old saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Right? I apply that to drinking, as well. (And let’s face it, no one wants to see me in a toga.)

Recently I was in Green Bay, a place where Miller Lite seems to sponsor everything. But there are good brews to be had – for instance, most of the bars around town were pouring New Glarus Spotted Cow, a tasty, refreshing cream ale that, frankly, could be enjoyed by just about anyone – even a light beer drinker.


But digging further anywhere you go is sure to turn up some dandy stuff. For instance, I made a stop at Hinterland Brewery in downtown Green Bay, and tried a flight of beers just to expand my horizons. Two of the brews I checked out really caught my attention, making the visit worthwhile.

One was a Luna Stout, made with locally-brewed coffee by Luna Café & Roastery https://lunacafe.com/by way of a roast especially made for the brewery. The nitrogen-infused mixed a creamy, thick body with a bold, roast coffee bitterness. I bet they sell a lot of these during those harsh Green Bay winters.

I also had what appeared to be a summer one-off called Oh Yeah! Hop Punch, a cask-conditioned ale – unfiltered and naturally carbonated in the cask in which it ferments – made with the uncommon Kohato hop (from New Zealand) and infused with pineapple tea. Flavorful and highly drinkable, and likely made just for the relatively warm Green Bay summers.

You get the point – drink local, wherever you may be. You’ll find things you may only get to drink once, while you can get Miller Lite anywhere in America.