Game of Thrones


The name World of Beer sort of says it all. The Louisville location of this growing chain opened late last year in the east end and exists as sort of a Drake’s for beer drinkers.Game of Thrones 1 The draft menu has the beers listed in categories like “Light and Crisp,” “Hop Forward” and “Dark and Bold,” which is a great help for people who stare down the 50 taps and don’t know what the heck they want, and the bar food is solid.

I stopped in recently for a pint (or two) with my pal Fred Minnick, and as I scanned the tap handles – a well-designed tap handle can be a real work of art – and spotted one with three swords piercing it like some sort of King Arthur-esque challenge. And then I noticed the “Game of Thrones” logo.

“A Game of Thrones beer?” I ask the bartender.

“That’s a $300 tap handle,” he replies.

Game of Thrones 2I confess, I have never watched “Game of Thrones” (although I know some girls who have), but I decided to give it a try, as I would hate to see a $300 tap handle go to waste. The beer is actually called Seven Kingdoms, and it’s billed as a hoppy wheat beer, brewed by Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, N.Y., as part of a series tied to the popular medieval television drama.

The beer was so newly tapped that it wasn’t on the menu yet, but it certainly would qualify in that Light and Crisp category. It’s a straw yellow color, with a foamy white head, and it’s extremely easy to drink. That said, I’m not a fan of many Belgian yeasts because they tend to add flavors of banana and/or bubble gum, which was the case here. Distracting, but the hop flavors and quality of the brew (Ommegang knows its stuff) balanced it out for me.

game 1

Let’s just say that, even if Seven Kingdoms isn’t totally your bag, you can still impress your girlfriend by telling her you drank a Game of Thrones beer. You might not want to tell your buddies about it, though. Cheers, guys.