Frank Weisberg and His Tesla


There’s a scene in the 1985 American comedy film, Spies Like Us, where Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase are emerging from a tumultuous ride in a cyclone, anti gravity-like machine that creates such a strenuous g force pull on their faces and hair that when they are walking out of the laboratory, their faces and hair are permanently frozen and spiked. They both manage to give a thumbs up attitude for the ride.

inter tesla

Well, that’s kind of how I felt after I emerged from the passenger side of a brand new shiny white Tesla…courtesy of the driver-owner Frank Weisberg. You see, what makes the Tesla so friggin cool is not only does it not require…gas…it’s totally electric but it can accelerate from zero to sixty in a nano second. Plus, it’s design is so stellar that it cries out on the road,” Get out of my way, all you silly, ancient, gas guzzling cars!”  Also, can’t ignore the fact that Tesla is made in America out of their factory in Fremont, California!


Every attention to detail was paid to the Tesla by it’s Chairman and founder Elon Musk. There is no engine in the Tesla so therefore there is no noise, no muffler, no exhaust, and your able to drive 300 miles without stopping to recharge. It’s a no brainer for me once the price comes down from a $70,000 -$115,000 price range. The battery factory being built in Nevada will see to that by late 2017. That’s why the dinosaur auto industry is doing everything in its power to foil the public’s opinion of the Tesla and blocking it from opening dealerships across the USA. But time is not on their side and they will lose. My prediction is that by 2018-2019 electric cars will be the norm on the roads. Whew, couldn’t come too soon.

frank2Weisberg is a very happy man driving the Tesla. Like all Tesla owners, he’s very picky about the cars that he’s owned and driven in the past…only the best will do.

When Weisberg is not in his car, you can find the semi-retired, extremely successful, real estate wizard (Parks and Weisberg Realtors now, Berkshire Hathaway Parks and Weisberg Realtors) sitting behind a canvas and paint brush creating photo-realistic oil paintings.

Interestingly enough, he also paints in the Trompe-L’ oeil style, a French term meaning to “fool the eye.” And they sell all over the United States.

Viewing Weisberg’s paintings and also gazing at his white Tesla, there is no fooling anyone that Weisberg surrounds himself with masterpieces!