Dating and Mating – The Top 10 Lists


Top ten mistakes men make that women really hate.

1. Forgetting our birthday, you have a calendar on your phone that will remind you. Siri will even put it on your calendar for you.
2. Forgetting our anniversary. (see above)
3. When we spend two hours getting ready for a date and you don’t notice, and or compliment us.
4. When you say you are going to call and don’t’. Just do what you say, and if you can’t at least text us and let us know.
5. When you claim your cell phone died during the middle of the call, and you don’t even try to call us back. At least call back and say good night. It is rude not to.
6. When a woman is aggressively going after you, and you don’t believe it when your girlfriend or wife points it out. Woman always know when another woman is after her boyfriend of husband. Listen to your girlfriend/wife and shut it down, because she will be right, and you will be sorry.
7. Not putting the seat down. This needs know explanation.
8. Pretending that you are listening, but not hearing a word we are saying.
9. Only wanting to watch horror or action films and never being willing to see a chick flick.
10. When you text more than call. Pick up the phone and call her, you can’t grow a relationship and strengthen your bond by exchanging words on a cell phone.

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Top 10 things to never do on a first date.

  1. Show up late.
  2. Talk about your ex.
  3. Ask her inappropriate or risqué questions
  4. Drink so much that your become intoxicated.
  5. Talk about yourself all night, and not ask about her life.
  6. Ask her to pay the bill or go dutch.
  7. Play on your phone the entire time.
  8. Flirt with the waitress.
  9. Come dressed in jeans filled with holes and a t-shirt.
  10. Discuss the names of your future children.


Have you ever invited a date over to your house, and you never heard from her again?  These top ten reasons may be why!

  1. Your place is an absolute disaster. Cockroaches don’t even come back.
  2. When she went to use your bathroom she realized you can’t aim.
  3. Your apartment or house looks more like a college dorm room, than a grown up adult dwelling.
  4. The only beverages you had to offer her was a Monster, beer or water served in a dirty plastic container that came from a sporting event or a fast food restaurant.
  5. The artwork on your wall are movie posters from “Animal House”, and super hero movies.
  6. Your furniture consists of a couch that should be in a landfill, and milk cartons.
  7. You have a collection of toys…I mean “action figures” (toys) proudly displayed on a shelf.
  8. Your mom was there, because you are a grown man living with your mommie.
  9. Your music collection consisted of the complete collection of Brittany Spears.
  10. You are a jerk and don’t know what the word NO means.