Brasserie Provence


Viva la Louisville! Oui, Louisville has deep French roots. Like that brown liquid we once barreled and sent down the Mississippi River to New Orleans giving birth to Bourbon Street another tasty brown liquid is in the Ville and the BEST is at Brasserie Provence. French Onion Soup ($9.00) may not be for everyone but if you love the deep rich aroma of beef and onion and the all the flavors that go with it see what Guy Genoud and Stacy Duncan (Owners) have brought forth. Guy spent his childhood in the seaport of Cannes, France and his love for the region and his Provençal roots are showcased in the food and dining room.

A crock of tangy beef stock with lots and lots of sweet caramelized onions; served piping hot, a thick slice of crusty French bread with slices of gruyère and mozzarella cheeses engulfing all of it is presented you.
As your spoon breaks the cheese seal over the crock and all that delicious liquid bubbles up you know why this is the best way to start your meal. It both opens your palette, warms your belly and its beef, cheese and onions – a flavor trifecta. Of course the best part may be that after you have finished spoon after spoon of soup you still have that tasty ring of melted cheese around the crock to peel off and devour.

Tout simplement le meilleur à Louisville! = Simply the BEST in Louisville!



Brasserie Provence
150 N Hurstbourne Pkwy
Louisville, KY 40222