The Georgetown Drive-in


With warmer weather upon us it’s time to go out-doors to entertain ourselves and our favorite ladies. Whether it’s a cook-out, day at the pool, or just a walk in the park, the outdoor dating possibilities are endless. However, for my money, there’s nothing better than catching a movie at the Georgetown Drive-In in Georgetown, Indiana.


A quick 25-minute drive from downtown Louisville, the Georgetown Drive In is totally worth the trip. This place takes you back to a time when friends did stuff together that didn’t require a gaming system. Start by packing the car with all necessary supplies including food, beverages, and lots of blankets to sit on or cuddle with. It’s also a good idea to bring some bug repellent just in case of any unwanted guests.IMG_2019

The biggest secret with the drive-in is to arrive early and make a night of it. This allows you plenty of time to spend some much needed QT with your date. It also allows you a chance to claim that perfect parking spot. Once it gets dark and the movies begin that’s when the cuddling part comes in handy. You and your significant other will love everything about this night and you will score major brownie points.

IMG_2015On a side note, the rules say NO alcoholic beverages. So…if you decide to break this rule make sure you do it on the down-low. Opening weekend this year is May 5 – May 8 featuring Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. Adult tickets are $11 each and there’s a concession stand fully stocked with hamburgers, hot dogs, nacho’s, popcorn, ice cream, and drinks. Tickets are cash only so make sure to have some paper money with you. Once inside, you can swipe your card at the concession stand.

To hear the recorded show clock call: (812) 951-2616