Lonnie’s Best Taste of Chicago


You want the BEST while roaming around Louisville? Well if what you want is the best hotdog for lunch or dinner then Lonnie’s Best Taste of Chicago is the place for you; and here in the Ville about the only place to find a damn tasty hotdog. Lonnie and Diane are originally from the Windy City moving to the Ville in 1996 and thankfully bringing within them the Chicago-Style dog (cucumber, tomato, relish, onion, peppers, celery salt) on a pure beef dog nestled in a steamed poppy seed bun.

IMAG2969I love a good hotdog and these are great ones.  I never order just one so it is often a Clark Street Hot Dog (a.k.a. Chicago Style Dog) and a Rush Street Chili Cheese Dog (homemade chili, cheese, mustard and onion) for me at a minimum. Fresh ingredients are the key here and that is what you get with every menu item made to order behind the counter as you watch; or take a seat and they will call you when it’s ready. Hotdogs here are in the $4 dollar range and are served with crispy crinkle fries.  Dine in or carry out it’s simply the BEST hotdog in Louisville!


Lonnie’s Best Taste of Chicago
121 St. Matthews Ave
Louisville, KY 40207