I’ve been dating a girl for two years now, and she still gets jealous if I glance at another girl.  It is a real turn off to me.  What can I do to make her feel more secure about our relationship?

Gene W.

Kimberly bwK.G. – My first thought is…define “glancing” at another woman.  Are your eyes locked on every lady that walks by like she is a piece of meat?  If so, that is totally disrespectful to the woman that you are devouring with your eyes and your partner that is sitting right in front of you watching.

Or do you just happen to look up as an attractive woman walks by, and she goes crazy jealous on you?

If glancing at another girl means undressing every lady that walks by with your eyes, she needs to stop being jealous and dump you.  You are being rude and disrespectful, and to be honest if you are doing that in front of her, what are you doing when she is not around?

If she goes crazy jealous every time you even so much as accidently glance at another woman, that is a problem.  In this scenario it would appear your partner has major insecurity issues.  Self confidence is not something you can give another person.

You can support your partner, reassure them, and let them know they are the one and only one. If they don’t believe you, and you are constantly having to defend your faithfulness, it is time to move on from the relationship.

You have been dating her for two years.  If you have had discussions about this and the outcome has not changed, it probably isn’t going to and will lead to bigger issues down the road.

My advice is to first be honest with yourself on what a “glance” is.  If you can say without a doubt that they are innocent, you need to ask yourself if you want to be in a relationship with a partner that doesn’t trust you.


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