7 Essentials of Men’s Style


First things First- Choose 3!

One of the first steps in my style process with clients is having each new client choose  3 WORDS.  The 3 words are the adjectives or key messages words that you want to project in the first 10 to 30 seconds of meeting someone or walking into a room.  Do you want to look smart, powerful and fit? Classic, strong and approachable? style 3

Choose your words and from this point forward use them as a template to shop and select our wardrobe each day!

Guys I’m just going to give it to you straight.

Here are few other essentials to augment your personal style!

Get Your Clothes Tailored

Seriously! This is one of the most overlooked wardrobe and cost effective ways to make you r wardrobe look amazing! Fit is key.

Purge Your Closet 

If you haven’t worn it in more than 2 years… reevaluate.

Denim Game

Dark/stylish straight leg jeans.  If you fix your car, work in the garage or cut grass in certain jeans you can’t wear them to dinner or out socially.  Sorry fellas!

shoesInvest in Yourself 

Spend a little more money on buying quality that will last for years instead of buying the cheaper version that only last a few months.

Details make the Difference

Shine your shoes

Add a Pocket Square

Lapel flowers/pins

Cologne – not too much guys… please not too much.

French cuff shirtsstyle 2

STOP what you’re doing and go get one today.  They look great with jeans or worn open under a sport coat.  Choose cufflinks that say something about you, your hobbies or your favorite sport.

And Finally…

Buy the size that fits now, not the size you wore in college!  (Ladies that’s for you too!)