…with a detail job


There’s no better feeling than getting into a brand new car. With its new car smell, shiny exterior and clean interior-you feel rather spoiled. After a car is driven for even a few days, the new car smell and look is gone too quickly.

While you can’t bring a car back to brand new, you can make it sparkle, gleam and give it that nearly-new aroma once again with a great car detailing.

The most popular reason for auto detailing is to make the car look it’s nicest. None of us wants to sit in a dirty car with an odd smell we just can’t figure out or try to get crumbs out where kids have dropped them into tiny spaces.

It’s true that many men enjoy spending a Saturday afternoon washing, waxing, buffing and polishing but sometimes we need to call in the professionals.

A really good detail from time to time will keep your car looking good AND keep up it’s resale value.

Many professional detailers will now come to YOU.


DJ’S AUTO DETAILING – A leader in “Best Of” and satisfaction standards in nearly every publication, they have been serving Louisville, Oldham County and Southern Indiana for 12 years with their fully mobile service. Pricing is based on the condition of the vehicle.

1203841917_975aed5db1_zServices include engine cleaning, buff, odor elimination, dent repair, water damage, paint scuffs, foggy headlamps, and tar removal.

It starts with simply blowing out the dirt from all over inside and then cleaning from top to bottom; vacuum, shampoo, crevices, windows, applying sealers and protectants.

Outside its handwashing, debugging, buff, polish, sealer, wheels, rims, tires, water repellant, and a protective glass film.

502.299.9334 www.djsautodetailing.com


ALL IN THE DETAILS – With over 15 years of industry experience working for the largest automotive retailer and small shops, the founder wanted to create a company that focused on the highest level of quality, while still having a personal relationship with its clients. They provide not only a great service, but a memorable experience.

They too come directly to you including Saturday hours.

While their prices are fixed with different levels they too offer ala carte pricing for additional services. They service cars, pickup trucks, mini vans and SUVs. Pricing of services on motorcycles, passenger vans, cargo vans, RVs, and boats can be requested.

502.804.8942 www.allinthedetailsdetailing.com


XCLUSIVE AUTO DETAILING – Here they will tell you that automatic car washes use harsh chemicals that strip wax and protection from your car, and the brushes will cause scratches in your car’s paint called “car wash marks” or swirls. That’s why they do it by hand at Xclusive.

751264729_fa84ad5d97_zLocated in in the Industrial park in J-town, customers bring their vehicles to them for service and pricing to make sure it looks and smells like new. Claybar, paint overspray and wet sanding are other services they offer that are especially helpful living in the Louisville area where road construction is never ending.

They also can do a wide range of repairs, detailing and as well as wrap and tinting.

2211 Plantside Dr. 502.632.1758 www.xclusiveautodetailing.com


A & K AUTO DETAILING – Automotive paint can be damaged by improper shampooing and drying techniques. The wrong accessories and towels can leave swirls, and some shampoos can strip the wax. A&K Detailing has solved that problem for you.358361229_053fb08f21_z

In business since 1992 in St. Matthews they offer a variety of pricing levels to meet your needs as well as individual repairs, tint removal, headlight repair, engine cleaning, water and spot removal, leather and vinyl treatment and even trailer hitch installation.

They know Louisville’s ever changing climate is hard on your car and they take great care to keep it looking clean, fresh and ready for the next season.

4121 Shelbyville Rd. 502.899.1799 www.aandkdetailing.com