Men’s Best Guide is more than a website. It’s a multi media marketing company whose foundation is digital, but also uses event and print/direct mail to target this explosive, decision making consumer group.

We created Mens Best Guide to fill a void in the Louisville lifestyle magazine genre. There are many special interest lifestyle magazines available in the city; women, seniors, society, exercise, etc., but Men’s Best Guide is the only magazine geared exclusively to men, addressing men’s issues.

If your company’s clientele is exclusively male, is of special interest for men or you want to reach more men as a marketing strategy, advertising with Men’s Best Guide may be the easiest decision you will make all year.

Let’s take a look…

Bourbon Review – Barton 1792 BIB

    Mashbill: 75% Corn, 15% Rye & 10% Malted Barley -  - $36   Barton has done quite well with their 1792 line, and especially so with limited edition releases.  As we recently covered, they’ve announced their next release as a...

Barton Adds to the 1792 Stable

      A Bottled-in-Bond offering to be released soon.   Barton Brand’s 1792 bourbon line, and its limited-edition expressions, have proven themselves to be popular both with the average whiskey consumer and enthusiasts alike. ...

The Great Whiskey Heist of 2017

    Aside from us both having a very cosmopolitan town named Paris you would not think that Kentucky and France had a lot in common. Au contraire mon frere! You forgot about.... WHISKEY! Like the rest of the world who has fallen in love...

White Squirrel Pale Ale

      The beers I’ve had by Bowling Green-based White Squirrel Brewery have been fairly faithful versions of basic styles – the kolsch and nut brown leap to mind when I hear the brewery’s name. But I was happy to, during my...

Woodburn Habanero Passion Fruit IP

    My old friend David Pierce, a long-time brewer in the Louisville scene, texted me recently and told me he was doing a brew session with Cincinnati’s The Woodburn Brewery to create a beer he knew I would like. David knows of my love of...

West Sixth Half-Bite IPA

    My buddy and I were on our way to a friend’s house to do some mixing on our new musical project, and it is tradition to stop for some beer to share. We looked through the coolers for a few minutes, and our eyes came to rest on West...

Van Winkle Yields Are Up!

    Buffalo Trace Announces Higher Yields for Sought After Van Winkle Bourbons Don’t get your hopes up for easily finding a bottle at MSRP though.   The past few years we’ve seen dramatic increase in the number of people headed out...

5 High Tech Bikes to Die for

    Applying high tech to a decidedly low-tech activity – bicycling. These bikes are not your daily commuters and they are not being created to satisfy any kind of consumer demand. They are used by athletes in competition, manufacturers...

Against the Grain – A Beer

    Against the Grain Brewery is so offbeat with its product naming that, when I first encountered A Beer, I thought they’d run out of ideas. They hadn’t. It’s actually the perfect name for this approachable, easy-drinking pale ale. It’s...

Bourbon and Bats

    Cocktails and Conservation Comes Together This past Friday the 13th wasn’t spent at Camp Crystal Lake, but instead at the historic Waldeck Mansion in Crestwood, Kentucky.  That evening, bourbon enthusiasts and the environmentally...


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