Men’s Best Guide is more than a website. It’s a multi media marketing company whose foundation is digital, but also uses event and print/direct mail to target this explosive, decision making consumer group.

We created Mens Best Guide to fill a void in the Louisville lifestyle magazine genre. There are many special interest lifestyle magazines available in the city; women, seniors, society, exercise, etc., but Men’s Best Guide is the only magazine geared exclusively to men, addressing men’s issues.

If your company’s clientele is exclusively male, is of special interest for men or you want to reach more men as a marketing strategy, advertising with Men’s Best Guide may be the easiest decision you will make all year.

Let’s take a look…

Strong Suit Made-to-Measure Event in Louisville

    Louisville will be host to the latest made-to-measure event  by Strong Suit of Little Rock on Tuesday, November 13th from 10 to 6 at Dillards St. Matthews. This is an opportunity to purchase one of the hottest brands in the country AND choose...

5 High Tech Bikes to Die for

    Applying high tech to a decidedly low-tech activity – bicycling. These bikes are not your daily commuters and they are not being created to satisfy any kind of consumer demand. They are used by athletes in competition, manufacturers...

Floyd County Brewing Company Icarus IPA

    Anytime I hear the name Icarus, a winged human from Greek mythology, I can’t help but thinking of Iron Maiden’s “Flight of Icarus.” I remember hearing that as a teen-ager and finally really getting an idea of what heavy metal music was. The...

Neat – The Story of Bourbon

    Last night I attended a screening, hosted by the Bourbon Brotherhood , of the new movie NEAT: The Story of Bourbon  I had a chance to meet producer AJ Ockstead her and and hear a bit about his inspiration to make the film and why it is...

Terrapin Beer Co Hopsecutioner IPA

    From Athens, Ga., it came, with its color blast of a can featuring a character that looks like he got kicked out of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (probably for drinking) and cartoonish-ly dark motif. It’s a classic craft beer brand, with the...

Old Weller Antique Single Barrel Select

    Westport Whiskey & Wine Old Weller Antique Single Barrel Select #249 - $45 Mashbill: Buffalo Trace Wheated   Chris Zaborowski and Richard Splan opened their now iconic store and tasting bar in Westport Village back in 2008.  With an impressive...

Derby City Chop Shop

    The great comedian Gary Shandling once said, “It's not the hair on your head that matters. It's the kind of hair you have inside.” As true as that is (whatever it means) the hair on your head is what people see first, especially those hot...

Mile Wide Beer Co. Buku

    Ever taste a beer and think, “This beer must have been made by the gods”? Yeah, neither have I; that’s just over the top. But Buku from Mile Wide Beer Co. is a damn good beer. For starters, the cartoon guy on the cover looks like a Batman...

The Great French Whiskey Heist

    Aside from us both having a very cosmopolitan town named Paris you would not think that Kentucky and France had a lot in common. Au contraire mon frere! You forgot about.... WHISKEY! Like the rest of the world who has fallen in love with our...

King of Kentucky Bourbon

     The King is dead. Long live the King! Whatever bourbon was King in Kentucky heretofore has been supplanted by the new self-proclaimed King of Kentucky Bourbon from Brown-Foreman, its coronation (roll-out for you commoners) will be in June of...


The local go-to resource for everything guys care about (food, drinks, relationships, business, health, money, entertainment and more).

The best that Louisville has to offer for men.


Bourbon and beer, food & cigars, financial seminars, Big Boys Toy Show, luxury items events and more.

Every month will be “eventful”!

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A 3x per year direct mail shopper to male consumers that sends a message of luxury, but resonates value. Call it Male Mail, Man Mail or Direct Male, but just call it effective.

No other marketing group exposes your brand to the male consumer like MensBestGuide. It’s the best!


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