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It’s about watches and cool cars.

It’s about health and fitness.

It’s about what to eat, where to eat and what to do.

It’s about entrepreneurs and guys daring to make their mark.

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Bardstown Bourbon Company – Discovery #1

     The Bardstown Bourbon Company (BBCo), 1500 Parkway Drive, announced the release of Discovery Series #1, a unique blend of four Kentucky straight bourbons aged between five and 13 years. Discovery Series #1 is the result of Bardstown Bourbon Company’s...

9 Outside-the-box Father’s Day Gifts

    Got an extraordinary dad? Don't give him another bright green polo or a new putter. Get him something that says "I know you and I love you"  What kind of dad do you have?Maybe one of these out-of-the-ordinary gifts will say what you want on Fathers Day...

3 Quick Fathers Day Ideas

    Just a quick few Father's Day ideas, because, well, coming up with ideas on your own after, uh....how many years? Gets a little daunting. Here are 3. Bottle & Bond Kitchen and Bar, 1500 Parkway Drive (Bardstown, Kentucky) Treat your dad to a...

7 Funky Dive Bars

Blink...You Missed 'Em..... The anatomy of any great city is its locals who will always tell you the best places to frequent even if they don’t top the national glitzy list. Unquestionably the easiest category is the best Dive Bar in Louisville. Invaluable to any city...

Bardstown Bourbon Company – Phifer Pavitt Reserve

    This is the second in our series of articles on The Bardstown Bourbon Company releases. You can read about their Fusion Series 1 here.OK, so by now you are getting the idea now that this "noob" who has inexplicably found himself in the role of "Bourbon...

Gallant Fox Brewery

    Gallant Fox Brewery is very close to opening on New Main Street in the Clifton area. It is right at the railroad tracks for those that know the area or can't keep up with all the new openings and building in the area.  "Gallant Fox" is a horse. The...

Louisville Alfresco

    Remember this? This is a perfect theme song for our series of articles on some GREAT Louisville dining experiences.Lily may have...

Bardstown Bourbon Company – Fusion Series #1

    In an industry where a product's identity is largely defined by its age and history, The Bardstown Bourbon Company seems to defy conventional wisdom and runs to the light of modernity. Now, I LOVE bourbon culture and history and certainly nothing will...

Jamberson Handmade Candles

    I'm not the guy you would think to give a scented candle as a gift. Not because I am SO manly no one would imagine I would like it, but because few would imagine I would have the refined olfactory sense to appreciate the delicate scents of flowers, herbs...

Rebel Yell Re-branded

    In 1970 I saw Janis Joplin at Freedom Hall here in Louisville. Naturally, she had her ubiquitous bottle of Southern Comfort next to the mic stand, but back by a Marshall stack I saw a bottle of Rebel Yell. I knew the bottle having seen it at my...

Staff & Contributors

Terry Steiden

Terry Steiden

Editor / Publisher

Terry Steiden owns Deadblue Media, a marketing, advertising and communications agency in Louisville, Kentucky. He is also a graphic designer and a musician.  Terry writes for several political opinion sites and is the Media Liaison for the Convention of States in Kentucky.

In March 2018 Terry became the editor and publisher of MensBestGuide.com with plans in the near future to expand to Lexington and Cincinnati.




Dallas Steiden

Dallas Steiden


Dallas is working on his doctorate in psychology. He spent 6 years in the Navy working with NSA as an intelligence analyst and speaks Arabic and Sudanese.

Dallas grew up in Louisville and even after living in different places in the country found his way back to Louisville to raise his family and finish his education.

He loves bourbon, cigars and a good craft beer and is pretty darn good musician with his own studio. You might talk him into sharing on a good day.


Danny Browning

Danny Browning

Staff Writer

Born and raised in the glorious utopia that is Southern Indiana, Danny Browning tours the U.S. headlining corporate events and comedy clubs.

Danny has shared the stage with some of comedy’s biggest names, including Louis C.K., Jim Norton, and Carlos Mencia.  His debut comedy album, “Happy Go Lucky” is currently available on iTunes.


Chris Long

Chris Long

Staff Writer

Chris is a manager for Dillards with a long history of expertise in men’s style. He is an ambassador and consultant for Strong Suits, a brand particularly focused on men’s suits with an emphasis on fit and modern style that have been featured in Forbes, GQ and worn by many of today’s top names in fashion.

(We’ve also turned him into something of a bourbon aficionado)

Tom Person

Tom Person

Staff Writer

Tom is a 12+ year Louisville resident moving here from a stint in Seattle. A former software evangelist, he started his own business after obtaining his patents and now considers himself the smallest manufacter in the commonwealth producing cedar spills (thin engraved strips of wood used to light cigars and pipes) available on 5 continents, at tobacco shops and restaurants across the U.S.

A food fanatic, but not a true “foodie”, Tom enjoys eating just about anything and everything at least once and finds Louisville to be a great town for life long residents, transplants and visitors alike if you are willing to search out and try the best the Ville has to offer.

Kevin Gibson

Kevin Gibson

Staff Writer

Kevin Gibson is a Louisville-based writer and author who writes about everything from beer to food to entertainment to sports. In his 25-plus years as a professional writer, he has won numerous journalism awards, but doesn’t know where most of them are now.

He is author of Louisville Beer: Derby City History on Draft (2014) and 100 Things to Do in Louisville Before You Die (2016), among other books. Check him out at www.502Brews.com  and KevinGibsonWriter.com

Jonathan Kiviniemi

Jonathan Kiviniemi

Staff Writer

Jonathan is a Louisville area transplant with a passion for wine, spirits, and beer.  A Certified Sommelier, he’s been in the distribution business for over 4 years, and has become a bit of a booze geek, enamored with the art, history, and science of the intoxicating liquor we know and love.

Currently a Louisville area sales rep, he plans to continue his studies and expand his knowledge in preparation for the Advanced Sommlier exam, Certfied Specialist of Spirits, and Bourbon Steward program.

“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria.” – Benjamin Franklin


Jesse Hafer

Jesse Hafer

Staff Writer

Jesse Hafer is an adventuring outdoors guru.  From backpacking, kayaking, fishing, to rock climbing, he and his four legged companion have pretty much dabbled in everything outdoors and across just about all the states.

After exploring all 48 continental U.S states with his dog, he plans to mark off Alaska and Hawaii in the near future.  To see his travels follow his Instagram @Jesseandthebear.