…The 3 Top Runner’s Paradise Stores in Louisville

The alarm awakens you from a deep sleep before dawn, you roll out of bed, and stretch grab your favorite music device prepared to head out for your early morning walk or run.

Swag Sports Shoes - Louisville

Swag Sports Shoes – Louisville

So maybe it’s a brisk stroll through the neighborhood, or toughing it out over the hills of Seneca or Cherokee Park. It could be taking in the scenery along Waterfront Park with a jog that includes crossing the bridge spanning Louisville and Southern Indiana.

Whatever your fancy before you step foot out the door one of the most important items on your preparation list – lacing up a great pair of running shoes.

While many find squeezing time in at the gym the most convenient, fitness gurus love a good morning run to start the day. Where else can you kick start your day hitting the pavement and then reaching for the sky and claiming success before 7 a.m.

Fleet Feet Louisville, KY

Fleet Feet Louisville, KY

But while investing in your health you must invest in the proper shoes. Just like your car spending a few extra dollars for good treads will get you extra mileage without wear and tear on your body.

Starting around $90 you’ll find a good pair of a shoes that can absorb about 500 miles of wear and tear.

Louisville has become a runner’s paradise with countless races expanding beyond the Derby Marathon and Mini Marathon. More than 15 races dot the area calendar alone in April. So weather it’s walking a 20 minute or running a 5 minute mile there’s something for everyone.

So where does the both the novice jogger and the marathoner go for equipment?

The most important thing to remember – fit is much more important than a brand or color.

Leave the measuring for width, arch, gate and size to the experts. Running enthusiasts will tell you to head for places like Swags Sport Shoes, Ken Combs Running Stores and Fleet Feet.

Running for fun and excersize

Running for fun and excersize

For over 31 years Swags Sport Shoes has been fitting runners, and owner Swag Hartel draws from his experience competing against some of the top runners around the world as well as pounding the Louisville pavement.

Don’t surprised or offended though when Hartel corrects you about your “true” shoe size.  He will fit at least 10 people every day, and most of them are in the wrong size shoes especially since most stores don’t carry widths. Thus people end up getting shoes that aren’t right for them.

He will also point out not to forget that “Cotton is Rotten” when buying socks to go with your shoes.

Ken Combs has been a running fixture since 1980, and helped establish the Louisville road running scene as well as the Metro Parks hosting some of the River City’s finest races. Larry Holt carries on the family running tradition and had 30 years of running and 23 years of retail experience to share with customers.

If you can’t get to their store then Fleet Feet will bring their fit specialist and shoes to your company for their workplace fit. Anyway they can get you on your feet and moving to better health. They also look for running and walking Ambassador’s to help spread the word about better walking and running in Louisville.

While the shoes my cost you some dollars at each store rest easy because the excellent training, tips, service and most importantly proper fit are free.

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Swags Sport Shoes – 7415 S. 3rd Street Road (502) 368-2443 & 9407 Westport Road (502) 749-7924   www.swagsportshoes.com

Fleet Feet – 2239 Taylorsville Rd. 40205      (502) 479-8786 www.fleetfeetlouisville.com

Ken Combs – 4137 Shelbyville Rd.    (502) 895-3410 www.kencombsrunningstore.com